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Role of Bacon in Diet Expands

11 August 2015
Manitoba Pork Council

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CANADA - The Manager of public relations and consumer marketing programs with Manitoba Pork says the role of bacon has expanded from the breakfast table to all facets of our diet.

August is Bacon Month in Manitoba, home to Canada's largest bacon processing plant.

Manitoba Pork's "Bacon Makes it Better" campaign will be highlighted by several events and fund raisers throughout the month, including the "Barbecue and Blues Festival" in the third week of August, a "Bacon Party" on August 27 at the Pony Corral Pier 7 and the opportunity for Manitobans to enter to win "Bacon for a Year."

Susan Riese, the Manager of public relations and consumer marketing programs with Manitoba Pork, noted bacon has taken on a whole new role in our diets.

Susan Riese-Manitoba Pork:

Bacon has really moved from a popular breakfast meat to a mainstream food that pretty much touches a variety of dishes from bacon wrapped items to pretty much bacon topped everything including the option to add bacon if it's not already there.

We've even seen it make its way into the desert and beverage categories so I would have to say that Canadians have become super passionate about their bacon and it's part of what defines Canadian cuisine.

As for the why, it's kind of simple I think.

Bacon makes it better, what ever it happens to be.

More scientifically though, we know bacon carries a unique savoury taste, often referred to as umami and that seems to be somewhat addictive but in a good way.

The whole sensory experience too, that bacon provides from the sizzle and pop in the pan to the alluring aroma, the pleasing crunch and smoky flavour, what's not to like?

Ms Riese said the best way to get more information on the festivities planned during Bacon Month, access bacon recipes or enter the Bacon for a Year contest, visit

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