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EU Pig Prices: Quotations Increasing Throughout Europe

23 June 2016
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EU - Currently, the pig slaughter markets are displaying a friendly face all over Europe. Accordingly, the quotations went up in all significant countries. The positive values range from 3 cents (Denmark) to 6 cents (Germany).

Spain remains the top leader in the EU comparison. Last week, the Spanish quotation went up by a converted 5 cents per kg slaughter weight, now amounting to a corrected 1.66 euros per kg slaughter weight.

At the same time, the slaughter weights have gone down by about 5 kg since the beginning of the year.

According to Spanish market observers, exports towards China in particular are the reason for swift marketing of the comparably large quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer.

In France, the quotation went up by 3 cents. There, the prices are said to be boosted by the smaller quantities on offer.

With its 6 cents’ plus, Germany did the biggest jump in prices. Thus, the price decline enforced by the slaughter companies last week could be more than compensated for. Marketers report on sustained demand on the part of the slaughter companies. Simultaneously, the quantities on offer are reducing.

The Dutch (+ 6 cents), Austrian (+ 4 cents) and Belgian (+ 3 cents) quotations went up in the German shadow zone.

Trend for the German market:
Demand for pigs for slaughter continues to be unbroken even after the price increase. Short-notice serving is not possible for demand as a whole. From the meat market, too, only little complaint is voiced, even if the most recent price increases could not be realised on the domestic market. Prices are expected to remain steady at least for the coming quotation.

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