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EU Pig Prices: Demand for Slaughter Pigs Continues

24 May 2017
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EU - The current European slaughter pig market appears overall optimistic. Many quotations recently went up considerably. In relation to demand, the scarce quantities of live pigs on offer are regarded as price boosters.

The price increases are range from a corrected 1.3 cents noted in Spain to 4.1 cents recorded in Austria. After a few weeks of stability in prices, the quotations have finally gone up slightly in Spain as well. Yet, there are numerous accounts of live animals markets being more positively constituted than the meat market. The Danish quotation remains constant after three consecutive price increases. Because of many public holidays celebrated in May, the French quotation went slightly down again.

Conditional on partly inconsistent price movements, Germany after its most recent price increase succeeded at ranking second within the price structure of the five EU member countries which stand out in pig keeping. Denmark was thus relegated to rank third, and France now bears the red light with its corrected 1.68 per kg slaughter weight price level.

Trend for the German market:

At the start of this week, the domestic slaughter pig market remains unchanged after a weekend of barbecuing activities and is still characterised by brisk demand for live pigs. Since one day of slaughter will be missing this calendar week because of Ascension Day, the price is expected to remain steady for the time being.

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