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Experts Discuss Pork Production, Sales in Cuba

26 June 2017

CUBA - Food deficit for pig producers, the quality and high prices of pork meat were the main topics debated on Wednesday at Mesa Redonda TV programme.

Cuban News Agency reports that the meeting was attended by executives of the Livestock Business Group, the Pork Research Institute (IIP by its Spanish acronym) and the Food Industry Business Group (GEIA by its Spanish acronym), who said that although pork production has increased in recent years, they haven't managed yet to meet the demand or reach the modest prices that people so much expect.

Norberto Espinosa, president of the Livestock Business Group of the Ministry of Agriculture, stated that the demand is much higher than the offer. Nevertheless, he emphasized that several strategies are being implemented aimed at largely meeting the needs of the consumer.

Regarding the difference in meat prices in some localities, he noted that there are provinces, such as Villa Clara, Sancti Spíritus and Cienfuegos, which manage to maintain a balance in production, although in Havana there is no correlation between supply and demand, because this territory is not a large pork producer, so meat has to be moved from other areas and that implies expenses in transportation and storage.

It was highlighted that in the current year they plan to produce and market 200,000 tons of pork, thus setting a historical record for the country; 170,000 out of them will be destined to meat industry and 56,300 others for tourism.

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