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Jim Long Pork Commentary: Visit with Wens Group

23 August 2017
Jim Long on ThePigSite

Jim Long is President &
CEO of Genesus Genetics.

This past week we visited with Global Mega Producer Wens Group of China. Wens are a Genesus Genetic Customer.

Wens is number two on the 2017 Global Mega Producer List with one million sows. They expect to surpass Number 1 Smithfield Foods in swine production in the next few months with Wens having an expansion underway of 150,000 more sows. Wens stated goal is 50 million market hogs per year by 2025.

Cai Gengyuan Vice General Engineer & Director of Breeding for Wens with President & CEO of Genesus Jim Long

Wens production model is mostly 5,000 sow units owned by Wens and the contract finishing. Wens have pigs on over 22,000 sites throughout China. Wens sell the hog production to many different packing plants.

Wens growth has been extraordinary, it was stated in 1983 by seven farmers to raise chicken broilers. Headquartered in Xinxing county of Guandong, they are publicly listed with staff owning shares in the company. It is recognized as the largest producer of broilers (yellow feather) and hogs in China, selling 819 million broiler chickens (about 10% of the national output in 2016).

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Wens produced over 10 million tones of feed last year with a high percentage being delivered in bags. In 2016 Wens profits reflected the high returns of China’s pig industry we understand in the last fiscal year, Wens swine production profit was $1.7 billion and to put in context this was 2.6% of China’s total swine production!

Hog Prices in China remain strong last week 14 rmb/kg (95¢ U.S liveweight a lb.)

Other Observations:

U.S lean hog prices continue to be strong compared to a year ago. Last week 83¢ lb, last year same week 66¢ lb. $30 U.S per head better this year compared to last. Seasonally prices are declining as we have dropped from the mid 90¢ lb. in early July. October CME lean hog futures are 66¢ lb. We all know which direction the market is going.

We understand the New Coldwater Michigan Plant is at the point to begin harvesting hogs. Like all new plants it takes time to get things rolling but there is no doubt there is new player in the U.S Eastern Corn belt (one shift 11,000 per day).

Wens & Genesus at Wens Head Office in China


Author: Jim Long, President & CEO, Genesus Genetics

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