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Jim Long Pork Commentary: Genetics - pork quality

29 November 2017
Jim Long on ThePigSite

Jim Long is President &
CEO of Genesus Genetics.

We understand there is some push back from some Swine Genetic Companies regarding the new proposed grade system. They are saying, that to produce Prime or Choice Pork will increase cost of swine production.

We totally disagree.

At Genesus, because of 20 years of intensive meat quality research focus, all our cut-out work test’s shows that our full genetic program will achieve over 90% in the Prime-Choice category. We have grown to be one of the major global swine genetic companies, because we have a prolific female, fast growth and high livability results. Little of our sale growth can e attributed to our meat superior taste an flavored.

The reason why some of our genetic competitors are against the new grade system is that they have been caught flat footed. They have focused on lean, lean and leaner; no taste and flavor. They are afraid that the new grade system will destroy the marketplace as the premiums flip to paying for more marbled and darker pork. They are against the new grade system, not for their customers or industry interests, but fear that they will lose market share.

They need to be scared, the pendulum is swinging.

Only People who have no vision, don’t see that Bellies, Ribs and Shoulders cuts with marbling and taste, lead the Pork-Cut procuring. Loins and Hams lag tremendously in value. Producers profitability would increase significantly if we can increase the value of Loins and Hams.

The other item that might be some concern about is that a quality grading program will lead to discounts. While we can’t say for sure how a packer will implement a program of quality, we do know that premiums and discounts were applied in the 1990’s, when we went to lean carcass grading, and the industry changed… and (a very important point) given the chronically depressed price of loins and hams, which lowers the overall cut value, we are already effectively having our hogs discounted as the results of the poor prices for loins and hams.

If we have the window to improve our Pork Quality, we will drive repeat purchases with better eating experiences (its startling to realize that the average consumer only purchases fresh pork 7 times a year) and this rising tide should lift all boats.

“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed” - Peter Serge, Scientist (1947)

Author: Jim Long, President & CEO, Genesus Genetics

To find out more about Genesus Genetics,
please take the time to visit their website at

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