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13 July 2018
UK farming unions respond to Government Brexit white paper
Following the publication of the Brexit white paper on the future relationship between the UK and the EU, the Presidents of the four UK farming unions have issued a joint statement...
28 June 2018
Carbon dioxide shortages in the UK: What do we know so far?
As carbon dioxide shortages continue to affect the European pig industry, The Pig Site takes a look at what we know so far and how the swine industry will respond over the coming weeks...
03 May 2018
Crowd Cow introduces pork to craft meat selection
The small, independent farm marketplace now offers snout-to-tail cuts of pork to its nationwide customer base...
30 April 2018
Eyes on the road
Manitoba Agriculture and Manitoba Infrastructure are encouraging farmers, drivers and agricultural equipment operators to make road safety a priority this spring....
06 February 2018
PigPass: Australia’s answer for pork reporting
To continuously improve upon the country’s reputation for delivering high quality and safe pork products, Australia has revamped its national pork reporting in the form of PigPass....
15 December 2017
Government considering controls on live animal exports
Defra confirms government ministers are looking into the issue of live export and are considering options of controlling live export of animals after Brexit. ...
11 December 2017
Best of The Pig Site 2017: CO2 stunning
Continuing The Pig Site's selection of the best articles from 2017- next up......
22 November 2017
Brexit – what’s the future for animal health?
MINI SERIES part 1 - Three weeks on from the NOAH conference: ‘Brexit – what’s the future for animal health?’, reflecting on the words of politicians, veterinarians and veterinary-associates, and...
20 November 2017
Animal Welfare: bringing consumer attitudes to the supply chain
Last week, the Winterbotham Darby Animal Welfare Media Round Table took place in London’s Covent Garden – a bustling agricultural trade centre in its past. The event brought together a number of industry...
27 October 2017
New EU Commission initiative for animal welfare
On Friday 20th October 2017, the 66th European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV) AGM took place in Bucharest, Romania, where major topics concerning animal welfare, environmental policy, competitiveness,...
26 October 2017
LAMMA 2019 to move to the NEC
LAMMA, the Lincolnshire Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association, are set to move the UK’s largest agricultural machinery event to the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) as of January 2019....
09 October 2017
Direct Animal Movement Primary Cause of Spread of PED
CANADA - The Office of Manitoba Chief Veterinarian says the greatest risk factor for the spread of PED has been direct animal movement, Bruce Cochrane writes....
13 September 2017
NPPC Seeks Waiver from ELD Mandate
US - The National Pork Producers Council yesterday asked for a waiver and exemption for livestock haulers from US Department of Transportation regulations that could have negative effects on animal well-being....
12 September 2017
Pork Producers Advised to Turn Yards into Controlled Access Zones
CANADA - Manitoba Pork is encouraging producers to convert their yards into controlled access zones, reports Bruce Cochrane....
15 August 2017
Protocols for Moving Non-Shedding Pigs from Formerly PED Positive Sites Under Assessment
CANADA - Animal Health Officials in Manitoba are re-evaluating the movement of pigs no longer through to be shedding PED virus originating from previously infected sites, writes Bruce Cochrane....
21 July 2017
Improved Trailer Design Offers Improved Animal Welfare, Faster Loading & Easier Disinfection
CANADA - A Research Scientist Ethology with the Prairie Swine Centre says improved swine transport trailer designs offer improved animal welfare, faster loading and unloading and easier cleaning and disinfection,...
10 July 2017
Saskatchewan Pork Producers Advised to Develop PED Specific Response Plans
CANADA - The Office of Saskatchewan's Chief Veterinary Officer is encouraging the province's pork producers to develop a PED-specific response plan and to enforce strict biosecurity protocols among workers...
07 July 2017
Interest in Hydraulic Swine Transport Trailer Designs Builds in Canada
CANADA - A Research Scientist Ethology with the Prairie Swine Centre reports interest in the newer hydraulic trailer designs is increasing across Canada, according to Bruce Cochrane....
30 June 2017
PED Overriding Issue Facing Manitoba Pork Industry
CANADA - The Chair of Manitoba Pork has echoed the call for federal government support in addressing the recent surge in cases of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea in Manitoba, writes Bruce Cochrane....
28 June 2017
Pork Industry Delegation Receives Encouraging Response
CANADA - According to Bruce Cochrane, the General Manager of Manitoba Pork says members of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food appear supportive of industry efforts to...
22 June 2017
US Pork Industry Plan to Allow Continued Production in Presence of Disease
US - Iowa's Agriculture Secretary says a plan being developed by the US pork industry will enable state animal health officials to allow pork production to continue in the presence of a foreign animal...
05 June 2017
PED Spread in Southeast Manitoba Multifactorial
CANADA - Manitoba Agriculture reports the recent spread of PED in the southeast is shaping up to be multifactorial, Bruce Cochrane reports....
02 June 2017
Research Sets Parameters for Heat to Destroy Disease Causing Pathogens
CANADA - A Professor with the University of Saskatchewan says research conducted by VIDO-InterVac has given engineers the parameters necessary to apply the use of heat to the decontamination of swine transport...
29 May 2017
Swine Movement Reporting to Move Beyond Just Traceability
CANADA - The Manager of PigTrace Canada says efforts are underway to increase the value of swine movement data available to pork producers who have access to it, Bruce Cochrane writes....
25 May 2017
Key Challenge When Using Thermal Assisted Drying, Decontamination
CANADA - A Graduate Student with the University of Saskatchewan says the biggest challenge, when using heat to kill diseases causing pathogens in swine transport trailers, is ensuring all surfaces reach...
16 May 2017
Ways to Deactivate Pathogens in Swine Transport Vehicles
CANADA - A Graduate Student with the University of Saskatchewan says Thermal Assisted Drying and Decontamination is proving to be effective in deactivating pathogens in swine transport trailers but it...
01 May 2017
Application of Heat to Swine Transportation Equipment Inactivates Disease Causing Pathogens
CANADA - Scientists with VIDO InterVac have confirmed the application of heat to swine transportation equipment is an important step in ensuring pathogens will be rendered incapable of transmitting disease,...
17 April 2017
Compliance with Mandatory Swine Movement Reporting Continues to Build
CANADA - The Manager of PigTrace Canada reports compliance with mandatory swine movement reporting continues to build, according to Bruce Cochrane....
13 April 2017
PigTrace Canada Premises Registrations Now Over 12,000
CANADA - The Manager of PigTrace Canada reports well over 12,000 premises have now been registered with PigTrace across Canada, according to Bruce Cochrane....
06 April 2017
Pork Council Addresses Standing Committee on Agriculture, Agri-Food
CANADA - Representatives from the Canadian Pork Council were in Ottawa this week (4 April) to address the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food about amendments to Health of...
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