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10 January 2017
Safeguarding Biodiversity Must be Integrated Across Agricultural Sectors
GLOBAL - Governments from 167 countries have given unprecedented recognition to the need to protect biodiversity across the agricultural sectors as a key action to achieve sustainable development, including...
23 December 2016
Rodenticides Leaflet Explains Rule Change and Options
UK - Since 1 October 2016, a rule that buyers of stewardship-label rodenticides must show proof of competence certification means farmers, gamekeepers and pest controllers unable to do so cannot be supplied....
02 November 2016
OptiSec: New Slurry Drying Procedure Shows Convincing Results
GERMANY - On the occasion of EuroTier 2016, Big Dutchman presents a new procedure for residue treatment in pig production called OptiSec slurry drying system. ...
01 November 2016
WeatherFlow – Wind Meter for Your Smartphone
The old saying, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure” applies to measuring wind speed in a hog or poultry house. Gauging wind speed of tunnel ventilation or velocity out of an inlet without...
28 October 2016
Collaborative Approach to Reduce Food Waste from Farm to Consumer
UK - There needs to be greater collaboration between farmers, retailers and processors to reduce food waste along the supply chain....
25 October 2016
3-D Printer Shapes Swine Equipment
One of the newest tools utilized by the Hog Slat engineering group is a 3-D printer.  About the size of a small refrigerator, the 3-D printer generates plastic prototype parts from computer generated...
21 October 2016
No Pig Farm Lagoon Breaches Following Hurricane Matthew
US - State environmental inspectors have flown over pig farms in eastern North Carolina to survey the impact of Hurricane Matthew....
19 October 2016
New Zealanders Asked to Work Together to Tackle Emissions from Farming
NEW ZEALAND - New Zealanders must work together and start tackling the complex problem of the biological greenhouse gases from agriculture, says Dr Jan Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment....
18 October 2016
GrowerSELECT Reduces Margin Stacking
Margin stacking is a term that may or may not be familiar to you. It refers to the cost or profit margin that each member of the supply chain contributes to bring a product to the end user. Every manufacturer,...
10 October 2016
PEDV: Not If, But When for Canada
ANALYSIS - For several years, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) has been a focus for Canadian veterinarians as they awaited its movement across the US-Canadian border. ...
30 September 2016
Ultra-Modern Hog Barn Demonstrates Latest in Odour Reduction Technology
US - Reicks View Farms has opened a brand new hog barn near Lawler in rural Chickasaw County. The barn is ultra-modern and designed to be animal and environmentally friendly....
19 September 2016
Precision Feeding Promises Reduced Environmental Impact
CANADA - A research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada says, by formulating diets individually for each pig, pork producers can reduce the excretion of nutrients into the environment by as...
15 September 2016
Farmland Wildlife in Decline, but Union Says Intensification Not to Blame
UK - Over one in ten species assessed are under threat of disappearing altogether in the UK, according to a new 'State of Nature' report published by a number of organisations, including the RSPB, the...
26 August 2016
Trade Deals Could Buffer Financial Losses in Agriculture from Climate Change
GLOBAL - Global warming could create substantial economic damage in agriculture, a new study conducted by a team of scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research finds. ...
25 August 2016
Rodenticide Webinars Help UK Farmers Get Up to Speed
UK - With the new rules on buying rodenticides due very shortly, AHDB is running two webinars explaining to farmers what they need to do....
19 August 2016
Researchers Investigate Manure Greenhouse Gas Emissions
DENMARK - It is currently not possible to quantify emissions of methane from livestock manure, which is a problem when countries are making commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture....
11 August 2016
Maximum Copper Levels Lowered in Piglet Feed
EU - The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has proposed modifications to the maximum levels of copper in feed for some animal groups. ...
Positive Environmental PED Sample Discovered in Alberta
CANADA - The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board says a Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) positive environmental sample collected in Alberta reinforces the need for continued diligence in guarding against...
01 August 2016
Weekly Overview: Hog and Pork Prices Tumble
ANALYSIS - This past week has been bad for pork and hog prices in the US due to a large hog slaughter....
14 July 2016
Public Trust in Agriculture and Freedom to Operate
ANALYSIS - Trust is low in the Canadian food system, and this is giving consumers a previously unheard-of degree of input into on-farm and other food system practices, writes Treena Hein....
Pig Manure Could Build Roads in Future
US - Professor Elle Fini and a team of researchers at North Carolina A&T State University have discovered what they believe to be the not so distant future of paved roadways....
11 July 2016
Hog Slat's New Medicator Offers Practical On-Farm Solutions
US - Rated for use up to 11 GPM, the Hog Slat medicator can handle all your medicating, cleaning and vaccination needs. The fixed ratio 1:128 pump features reinforced valve support, a long lasting three-part...
07 July 2016
How Trees Can Boost Pig Farms’ Sustainability
UK - It may not be an obvious solution, but by driving productivity and helping the environment, planting trees can play a key role in boosting the sustainability of pig businesses....
05 July 2016
Study Finds Pig Eco-Shelters Drive Down Greenhouse Gas Emissions
AUSTRALIA - A Cooperative Research Centre for High Integrity Australian Pork study has found that greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are 38 per cent lower in eco-shelters and 88pc of the variability in production...
22 June 2016
Help Secure the Future of Outdoor Pig Production
UK - East Anglian pig producers and farmers in the region are being encouraged to attend an AHDB Pork meeting, titled ‘Maintaining water quality in East Anglia’; with the view of helping secure the...
20 June 2016
How Pig Processors can Tackle Food Waste
GLOBAL - In the face of a growing world population, tackling the huge amount of food that goes to waste is a vital step to securing sustainable food supplies. In the first of a series of articles on reducing...
Researchers Investigate Economic Impact of Climate Change on Farms
US - An interdisciplinary team from the University of Illinois recently investigated the effects of climate change on farmland values in the Southwestern United States....
17 June 2016
Livestock’s Contributions to Climate Change: Facts and Fiction
ANALYSIS - As the November 2015 Global Climate Change Conference COP21 concluded in Paris, 196 countries reached agreement on the reduction of fossil fuel use and emissions in the production and consumption...
15 June 2016
AHDB Pork Offering Environmental Permit Training to Refresh Pig Teams
UK - AHDB Pork is offering bespoke on-farm workshops for pig farm managers and stockpeople wanting to learn more about their responsibilities under the Environmental Permitting Regulations, particularly...
26 April 2016
Agriculture 'Crucial' for Fighting Climate Change
GLOBAL - In addition to reducing poverty and hunger, agriculture can play a crucial role in making the response to climate change responsible and more effective, Maria-Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy Director-General...
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