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18 April 2018
Threat of extinction for British native pig breeds
The Rare Breeds Survival Trust has issued its updated watchlist for 2018-19, with the British Landrace, British Lop, Large Black and Middle White continuing to feature top of the list....
03 January 2018
UK pig stud secures biggest ever export order to China
The UK has received its largest ever export order from China for frozen boar semen, in a deal which also involves training Chinese staff in artificial insemination (AI) and semen handling. Deerpark Pedigree...
25 March 2015
Sow Group Housing Conversion Answers Animal Welfare Concerns
US - Murphy-Brown’s North Division completed one of the largest stall to group housing conversions in the industry, writes Hog Slat's Scott Bauck. ...
06 February 2015
Even Smallholders Can Benefit from Pig AI in Uganda
UGANDA - To improve the quality of their pigs, Ugandan farmers should consider artificial insemination....
25 November 2014
Central AI Delivers the Best Genes the Fastest
THE NETHERLANDS - Through centrally-located AI stations, Hypor delivers the best genes to its global network of strategically-located and interconnected, satellite nucleus farms....
03 March 2014
Success Rates Using Artificial Insemination in Swine Production
CANADA - The technical services and business development director with Minitube of America says developments in artificial insemination since the early 1990s have dramatically improved success rates when...
20 January 2014
Russian Show to Feature Modern Reproductive Technologies
RUSSIA - The country's cattle and pig farmers are looking to modern reproductive technologies to lift their productivity. Supporting this government-backed drive for modernisation in animal husbandry,...
08 January 2014
OFC: Agriculture Needs Science Based Approach to Intensification
UK - The global agriculture sector needs a science based approach to intensification of food production, writes Chris Harris....
16 December 2013
Training on Artificial Insemination, Integrated Organic Farming
PHILIPPINES - The Provincial Veterinary Office (PVET) recently conducted skills training on artificial insemination and disease and parasite control in swine and integrated organic farming to 26 farmers...
04 December 2013
Pig Semen Deal with China Could Be Worth £45M to UK Firms
UK & CHINA - Britain has secured agreement from China to supply exports of pig semen for breeders, in a deal that could be worth as much as UK£45 million to the UK industry. Agreement is also being sought...
26 July 2013
Novel Test Determines Boar Fertility
US - Researchers at the University of Missouri have developed a new test that combines three conventional screening procedures to detect defects that impact fertility....
24 May 2013
Managing Pig Health: John Carr Explains Passion for Project
UK - As Managing Pig Health, a reference for the farm, nears release, John Carr explains the book's relevance to farmers, veterinarians and students....
14 May 2013
Managing Pig Health: Second Edition Nears Release
UK - Managing Pig Health, a reference for the farm, offers a fresh and comprehensive guide to practical veterinary information for pig farmers, veterinarians and technologists around the world....
26 April 2013
Improving Survival of Pig Sperm
US - Although US cattle genetics are exported all over the world in the form of frozen semen, the same is not true for pigs because boar semen does not freeze well. In an attempt to improve semen storage...
06 March 2013
Hermitage Genetics Callan AI Station Approved for Semen Export to China
CHINA - Following an inspection visit from an official delegation from AQSIQ (The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) of the People’s Republic of China last year,...
19 February 2013
Evolution of Hydraulic/Injectable Insemination
GLOBAL - Did you ever think swine AI would be using 400 million spermatozoa and sexed semen?, asks Mark Anderson of Absolute Swine Insemination Co., with additional comments from Dr Grant Walling and Stephen...
03 January 2013
Hatting KS to Become Joint Owned
DENMARK - Danish Agro, Vestjyllands Andel and Danish Crown have decided to strengthen Hatting-KS through a new joint ownership structure. Hatting-KS is the largest European supplier of boar semen....
22 October 2012
Evolution of Hydraulic/Injectable Insemination
GLOBAL - Did you ever think swine AI would be using 400 million spermatozoa and sexed semen? Decades ago, a novel approach to pig breeding was introduced that is nowadays status quo. Yes, we are talking...
02 October 2012
DanAvl to Enter the Finnish Market
FINLAND - Finnish pig producers will be able to increase their pigs' genetic potential when DanAvl enters the market there. ...
25 January 2012
PIC Opens New AI Research Centre
UK - Pig breeding company PIC opened a gene technology research centre in the UK on Tuesday – believed to be the first of its type in the UK and probably in Europe. ...
25 November 2011
IMV Hosts Swine Fertility Day
SPAIN - Held in Huesca on 16 November, the first ever event drew more than 160 people, including the majority of the Spanish professionals and specialists involved in swine reproduction and artificial...
20 June 2011
ASIC to File Lawsuit in Czech Republic
CZECH REPUBLIC - Absolute Swine Insemination Co., LLC (ASIC) has announced it is preparing a Patent Infringement law suit against HEMA Malšice s.r.o., a.k.a. Jarka Helclová and Ivan P. Helcl, Karla Tomáška...
14 June 2011
Stressful Spring for Boars
UK - The hot, dry spring has highlighted the issue of heat stress in pigs which can cause fertility problems in boars as well as sows....
14 April 2011
Conference on Boar Semen Preservation
GERMANY - The seventh International Conference on Boar Semen Preservation will be held in Bonn on 14 to 17 August. The registration deadline is 1 June 2011....
05 October 2010
AI Catheter Winds Silver Medal for Innovation
FRANCE - The TrueGreen AI catheter from IMV Technologies and Biocath from Landata/Cobiporc have jointly been awarded a Silver Medal by the DLG....
24 September 2010
BPEX Sets AI Standard
UK - To try and improve the competitiveness of the English pig industry, BPEX and the NPA recognised that the industry needed to focus on improving reproductive performance and spread the costs of production...
07 September 2010
New Bolton Center Professor Shares Expertise
AUSTRALIA - Professor Gary Althouse of New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania, US, travelled 'down under' to share his knowledge about assisted reproductive technologies and stud management for the pork industry....
16 July 2010
Sex Selection Takes Step Forward
WALES, UK - A company has made a scientific breakthrough that will enable livestock breeders to pre-select the sex of pigs....
31 March 2010
Hermitage Opens 'State of the Art' EU Licensed Boar Stud
IRELAND - According to Dr John Mabry, director of Iowa Pork Industry Centre and a professor at Iowa State University, who oversees the Hermitage genetics programme, the new Hermitage AI centre at Callan...
30 December 2009
Novel Method for Assessing Boar Sperm Quality
LITHUANIA - Scientists at the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy and University of Helsinki have developed a simple fluorometer-based assay for boar semen used for artificial insemination....
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