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21 September 2018
Study examines welfare protocol between two pig production systems
MEXICO - A recent study was conducted which investigated the Welfare Quality protocols of pig production in medium-scale, rustic pig farms and commercial, technified pig farms to test the validity of...
19 July 2018
Animal welfare cast in bronze by Pork CRC
Animal welfare was the focus of Pork CRC’s bronze sponsorship of ‘Animal Production 2018’, the 32nd biennial conference of the Australian Society of Animal Production...
17 May 2018
One-on-one group housing workshop at World Pork Expo 2018
Bring your sow housing questions to World Pork Expo and meet one-on-one with other pork producers. Whether you’re thinking about building new or remodelling your existing stall barn into group pens,...
09 January 2018
Smithfield meets group sow housing goal
Smithfield makes the announcement that it has fulfilled its industry-leading commitment of providing group housing systems for pregnant sows on all company-owned farms in the United States. Smithfield...
13 October 2017
Group Sow Housing Offers Opportunity to Reduce Energy Costs
CANADA - The Head Nutritionist with Gestal says pork producers are finding the cost of maintaining the body condition of gestating sows housed in groups in pens to be lower than that of sows housed individually...
05 October 2017
Non-Competitive Feeding Allows Greater Range of Weight, Larger Group Size
CANADA - Research is showing the use of non-competitive feeding systems allows a greater range of sizes and ages of sows to be housed in larger groups in group sow housing systems, Bruce Cochrane reports....
21 September 2017
Researchers Identify Strategies for Reducing Aggression Among Group Housed Sows
CANADA - A researcher with the Prairie Swine Centre says a range of strategies have been shown effective for reducing aggression among group housed sows, according to Bruce Cochrane....
20 September 2017
Iowa Regulators Reject New Rules for Hog Confinements
US - Over loud protests, state regulators voted unanimously Monday to reject proposed changes to rules governing large-scale livestock feeding operations in rural areas that advocates say are needed to...
06 June 2017
China Takes Major Step Forward to Improve Pig Welfare
CHINA - China took a major step forward to improve the welfare of pigs on Monday, 5 June....
28 February 2017
Move to Group Housing Heightens Importance of Individualized Sow Nutrition
CANADA - A Nutritionist with Gestal suggests the move to group housing of gestation sows has heightened the importance of the ability manage feed intake for each sow individually, writes Bruce Cochrane....
22 February 2017
PIC Helps to Improve Your Profit Per Sow
GLOBAL - At the end of last year, PIC conducted a series of road shows in the US. During two weeks, a team of technical experts went to various locations across the Midwest to meet with over 800 people...
13 February 2017
Food Safety & Animal Nutrition Course in Spain
SPAIN - Multinational Feed Additives Producer Nutriad, headquartered in Belgium, participated in the Food Safety and Animal Nutrition Course organized by Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, which...
07 February 2017
Heavier DON, ZEN and FUM Levels Reported in 2016 US Corn and DDGS: BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey
US - US feed and livestock producers have more reason to carefully monitor mycotoxin contamination in feed and crops, according to results of the latest BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey....
02 February 2017
Your Questions Answered: Upcoming Mycotoxin Webinar
GLOBAL - Our upcoming live webinar on Mycotoxin On-Site Testing and Survey Results scheduled for February 8, 2017 is quickly approaching. Along with hundreds of people having already registered, we received...
01 February 2017
Move to Sow Pens will Require the Right People and Greater Training
US - The Director of the Swine Teaching and Research Center with University of Pennsylvania says the move from stall housing of gestating sows to pen housing will require superior stockmanship and a greater...
19 January 2017
Minimizing Aggression in Sows Requires Holistic Approach
CANADA - The Manager of Quality Assurance and Animal Care Programs with Manitoba Pork says minimizing aggression in group housing requires a holistic approach, writes Bruce Cochrane....
24 December 2016
4th BIOMIN Front Runners Forum Held in Ooty, India
INDIA - Four years ago, BIOMIN India came up with a new concept to approach and provide solutions to our customers: the BIOMIN Front Runners Forum. This event supports our aim to be the knowledge and strategy...
20 December 2016
Improved Concrete Floor Design Extends Sow Longevity
CANADA - Research conducted on behalf of Swine Innovation Porc indicates improvements in the design of slatted concrete flooring will improve the comfort and longevity of group housed gestating sows, writes...
08 December 2016
The Value and Risks of Online Communities in the Social Media Era: Minimizing Brand and Financial Damage During a Crisis
CANADA - Remarks by Adrian Moss, Focus Business Communications, United Kingdom at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum in Vancouver, Canada....
02 December 2016
Study Shows Sows Can Tolerate Temperature as Low as 9°C
CANADA - Conversion of gestation sow housing from stalls to group systems signifies a major shift for the recently revised Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs. One specific study...
29 November 2016
NAMI Announces Additional Free Education Programming for 2017 IPPE
US - The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) announced it will sponsor three additional free education programs at the 2017 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), scheduled to take place Jan....
28 November 2016
Canadian Farms Converting to Group Sow Housing Accelerates
CANADA - A scientist with the Prairie Swine Centre says, as Canadian Pig Code of Practice 2024 deadline for converting to group sow housing approaches, the level of interest in making the change is accelerating,...
01 November 2016
Big Dutchman Innovation Sets New Hygiene Standards for the Feeding of Suckling Pigs
GERMANY - Big Dutchman has enhanced the well-known CulinaCup system for the feeding of suckling pigs and developed an automatic feeding system. ...
25 October 2016
Hutterite Colony Sees Drastic Improvement in Production After Switching to Hypor Sows
US - The Millerdale Hutterite colony in South Dakota has made significant improvements in production on their 1,900-head hog operation after switching to the Hypor sow in 2015....
17 October 2016
BIOMIN Recognizes B.R.A.I.N. Award Winner Rudolf Krska at 2016 World Nutrition Forum
CANADA - To the applause of 800 delegates, Dr Rudolf Krska of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) was awarded the biennial B.R.A.I.N. award on the second day of the scientific...
30 September 2016
Prairie Swine Centre Investigates Sow Performance in Group Housing
CANADA - As pressure to reduce sow stall use in Canada grows, the Prairie Swine Centre has compared the effects of three mixing strategies on sow performance in group sow housing....
22 September 2016
Hypor Maxter Outperforms Top Boars in Feed Gain and Carcass Quality According to Recent Field Trial
GERMANY - Hypor Maxter, the fastest growing Piétrain globally, is now also outperforming top boars in carcass quality according to a recent trial at LWK Niedersachsen, Germany....
05 August 2016
Merck Animal Health Receives FDA Approval of Safe-Guard® AquaSol for Use in Swine
US - Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside of the United States and Canada) today announced the introduction of Safe-Guard® AquaSol (fenbendazole oral suspension) for use in U.S. swine...
03 August 2016
PIC Launches New Nutrient Specifications Manual
GLOBAL - PIC is excited to introduce the new Nutrient Specification Manual. This new manual provides detailed nutritional recommendations to help producers realise the most value from pigs with PIC genetics....
14 June 2016
Nutriad Supports IPVS 2016 in Ireland
UK - Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad, headquarter in Belgium, exhibited at the IPVS Conference in Dublin (Ireland) from 7th to 10th June and supported the event as a Gold Sponsor. ...
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