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Pig Industry News: Argentina

29 January 2010
Pig Industry News from Argentina President Announces Agreement with Pork Industry
ARGENTINA - President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner headed an act in which she announced a scheme to boost pork production in the country. ...
02 July 2009
Pig Industry News from Argentina Argentine Workers Suspected of Passing Flu to Pigs
ARGENTINA - Workers at an Argentine farm apparently infected pigs with the new H1N1 flu strain, only the second suspected case of humans passing the deadly virus to swine, a government spokesman said yesterday....
30 June 2009
Pig Industry News from Argentina H1N1 Virus May be Hiding in Argentina's Pigs
ARGENTINA - An investigation of the recent H1N1 flu outbreak in pigs has led the authorities to suggest that the virus may have jumped back to pigs, providing a hidden virus reservoir. ...
26 June 2009
Pig Industry News from Argentina H1N1 Flu Hits Pig Farm in Argentina
ARGENTINA - The veterinary authorities have sent a report to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) about an outbreak of influenza A H1N1 on a pig farm near Buenos Aires. ...
27 March 2009
Pig Industry News from Argentina OIE Confers on Animal Identification and Traceability
ARGENTINA - The OIE and its Members move forward on the global implementation of animal identification and product traceability 'from the farm to the fork' at the close of the OIE International Conference...
21 April 2008
Pig Industry News from Argentina Cash Boost for Argentine Animal Health and Food Safety
ARGENTINA - The Argentine food safety authority, Senasa, is to receive US$300 million from the government and Inter-American Development Bank to strengthen its quality control processes....
17 December 2007
Pig Industry News from Argentina Grants to Dairy and Pig Sectors
Argentina - The Argentine agriculture department is to pay out grants of more than 12 million pesos to the dairy, flour milling and pig sectors....
28 February 2007
Pig Industry News from Argentina Growth in Brazilian Meat Exports, Animal Feed Industry Drives Demand for Feed Additives
BUENOS AIRES - Brazil's position as one of the most important meat exporters in the world and one of the leading animal feed producers is driving strong growth of its animal feed additives market. The...
09 February 2006
Pig Industry News from Argentina Foot-and-mouth disease hits Argentina
ARGENTINA - Argentina has discovered a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in its northern Corrientes province, prompting neighboring South American countries to tighten border controls....
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