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Pig Industry News: Poland

27 April 2007
Pig Industry News from Poland Collagen could boost nutrient retention in meats
POLAND - Injecting meatballs with collagen may boost the retention of key nutrients in the meat, suggests new research from Poland. ...
19 April 2007
Pig Industry News from Poland Big Dutchman equips house for 600 sows in Northern Poland
POLAND - Recently in Poland there has been more and more talk about the need for further specialisation of farms. In the case of pig farming this means differentiating clearly between piglet rearing and...
03 March 2007
Pig Industry News from Poland Poland Increases Governmental Stocks of Pork to Stabilize Market
POLAND - On February 1, 2007, the GOP began to procure 10,000 MT of pork at an estimated cost of 100 million PLN (US$ 33 million), in response to increasing farmer pressure for government intervention...
02 March 2007
Pig Industry News from Poland Polish farmers protest against low pork price
POLAND - About 500 farmers Thursday protested against low pork livestock prices and agriculture minister Andrzej Lepper outside the parliament building in Warsaw, the Polish PAP news agency reported....
05 February 2007
Pig Industry News from Poland You should have seen this coming, accuses Polish finance minister
POLAND - “The pig's reproductive cycle is well known and you can predict it with one week’s accuracy,” said Polish finance minister Zita Gilowska in response to a demand that 80,000 tonnes of pigmeat...
18 January 2007
Pig Industry News from Poland Warsaw blocks EU-Russian Negotiations on Cooperation Pact
POLAND - The press has recently focused on Russia’s relations with the European Union over natural gas issues. But Moscow has been playing diplomatic hardball with former Warsaw Pact member Poland over...
03 July 2006
Pig Industry News from Poland Meat producers to raise funds for promotion
WARSAW - A bill providing for a special fund which would be used to promote Polish meat producers has been prepared by the sector....
23 May 2006
Pig Industry News from Poland Poland seeks EU support over Russia's import ban on meat products
POLAND - Polish Agriculture Minister Andrzej Lepper asked his EU interlocutors in Brussels Monday to make joint efforts to persuade Russia into lifting its import ban on Polish meat products introduced...
03 April 2006
Pig Industry News from Poland Standard on Polish Farms slammed
UK - A food corporation that supplies British supermarkets - including Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury's - with pork has been condemned for 'appalling' animal welfare practices. An undercover investigation...
07 March 2006
Pig Industry News from Poland Poland Plans to Expand Exports of Pork to the Far East Countries
POLAND - On February 16, 2006, Japan opened its market to Polish pork. It is estimated that in 2006, exports of Polish pork to Japan could reach 50,000 MT. Poland has already been exporting pork to South...
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