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Pig Industry News: Swaziland

16 May 2017
Pig Industry News from Swaziland State-of-the-art animal health syringes
A colour leaflet provides complete details on the Swiss made self-refilling syringes Socorex® 167 / 187 / 287, designed for serial precision animal injections....
27 August 2014
Pig Industry News from Swaziland Swaziland Moves Towards Commercial Farming
SWAZILAND - In a major effort to revitalise agriculture in Swaziland, the government, the European Union and FAO have helped over 20,000 smallholder farmers produce more, higher-quality food and connect...
25 March 2011
Pig Industry News from Swaziland Pork Production Still Below Domestic Demand
SWAZILAND - Despite the ministry of agriculture’s efforts to work with farmers so as to produce more piglets to meet the country’s demand for pork, there was still a shortfall of about 1 713 metric...
07 June 2007
Pig Industry News from Swaziland Piggery farmers harmonise prices
SWAZILAND - In a bid to rationalise and harmonise livestock prices, stakeholders in the pig industry yesterday met to discuss a way forward in the matter....
04 June 2007
Pig Industry News from Swaziland Pork producers face massive challenge
SWAZILAND - Business for Swazi pork producers remains uncertain as giants such as South Africa and new entrant Brazil now dominate the market....
31 May 2007
Pig Industry News from Swaziland Pork industry convenes at Tum’s
SWAZILAND - Pork producers and stakeholders are meeting at the Tum’s George Hotel tomorrow to discuss a recent four month study carried by Technoserve....
30 January 2007
Pig Industry News from Swaziland Rural women strike gold in piggery
SWAZILAND - Women in development are prospering in the piggery business at Thunzini Lentaba, outside Nhlangano, as they say the market for pig products is in abundance in the country....

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