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Pig Industry News: Taiwan

19 November 2018
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Pork ban poses threat to potential Taiwan-US trade deal
Taiwanese economics researchers believe that the current pork import bans between China and the US could impact the potential Taiwan-US trade agreement ...
08 November 2018
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Exporters explore opportunities for UK pork in Taiwan
Pork processors and exporters from the UK have arrived in Taiwan this week as part of a three-day mission to explore this exciting new market...
16 August 2017
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Doctors Downplay Health Risks from Braised Pork Broth
TAIWAN - There is no evidence that small amounts of aged soy-stewed pork broth increase the risk of cancer, two toxicologists said after a Chinese-language newspaper reported that reheating braised pork...
16 June 2017
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Pork Major Issue in US-Taiwan Trade Ties, Says US Official
TAIWAN - The United States is revising its trade policy and advancing its relations with Taiwan but there are still some barriers, such as agricultural issues and pork imports, which are hampering progress,...
12 June 2017
Pig Industry News from Taiwan MOFA: Taiwan to Continue Communication with US on Pork Issue
TAIWAN - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said Friday that Taiwan will continue to communicate with the United States on the controversial issue of US pork imports and to explain factors such as...
06 June 2017
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Nine Charged in Fake Pig Vaccine Case
TAIWAN - Nine people have been charged in a case involving the supply of fake vaccines to pig farmers, the Yunlin District Prosecutors' Office said Tuesday....
15 May 2017
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Taiwan Urged to Ban Gestation Crates for Pigs
TAIWAN - Taiwan should do away with gestation crates for sows and adopt a more civilized means of intensive pig farming, an animal protection group said Wednesday....
05 April 2017
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Health Minister Pledges to Ensure Safety of Pork Imports
TAIWAN - Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said Monday that it was not up to him whether or not to lift a ban on imports of American pork containing ractopamine but that he was responsible for ensuring that...
05 January 2016
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Taiwan Election Candidates Discuss US Pork Imports
TAIWAN - The three election candidates for Taiwan's leadership engaged in a heated discussion about whether Taiwan should import pork from the United States that contains the leanness enhancer ractopamine....
22 September 2014
Pig Industry News from Taiwan US Calls on Taiwan to Set Ractopamine Residue Rules for Pork
TAIWAN - The US trade representative and ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO) has called on Taiwan to set a Maximum Residue Level for ractopamine in pork and other beef products as its has...
12 September 2014
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Taiwan's Farmers Urged to Watch out for PED
TAIWAN - Following a series of new outbreaks of porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED) in Taiwan in August, the authorities are urging pig farmers to raise biosecurity levels and to report suspicious mortality....
26 August 2014
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Detected in Chinese Taipei
TAIWAN - There have been 34 new outbreaks of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) reported on farms in Chinese Taipei. Cases have been detected in the Yunlin, Tainan City, Nantou, Miaoli, Pingtung, Hsinchu,...
13 March 2014
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Meat Companies, PED Blamed for Taiwan's High Pork Prices
TAIWAN - The agriculture council has completed an investigation into the cause of a spike in pork prices, which has been blamed on a shortage of supply resulting from Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) and...
11 March 2014
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Taiwan Reports Decline in Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea
TAIWAN - Taiwan is reporting a sharp decline in February in the number of pigs reportedly dying from Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED)....
30 December 2013
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Premium US Pork Promotion Proves a Hit in Taiwan
TAIWAN - With support from the Pork Checkoff, the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) has held events in Taiwan to promote US pork. ...
26 August 2013
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Bananas Used for Oral Vaccine to Treat PRRS
TAIWAN - Banana leaves can open new avenues for the production of vaccines against PRRSv according to a study in the Plant Biotechnology Journal. ...
08 May 2013
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Taiwan Remains Reliable US Grain Customer
TAIWAN - Echoing sentiments expressed last fall at the US Grains Council's Export Exchange 2012, the Taiwanese feed industry reaffirmed their preference for US corn during meetings held in Taiwan late...
03 December 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Foot and Mouth Disease Reported Again in Taiwan
TAIWAN - Foot and mouth disease (FMD) has been found in pigs during routine surveillance testing....
29 October 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan OIE: More Foot and Mouth Disease in Taiwan
TAIWAN - Two new outbreaks of Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) have been reported in pigs in Taiwan within the last month....
04 October 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Pork Balls Found to Contain Ractopamine
TAIWAN - Pork balls made from US-sourced meat sold at certain breakfast stores in New Taipei were found to contain ractopamine, which is banned in pork imports in Taiwan but allowed in imported beef parts,...
28 May 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Hog Farmers Urged to Avoid Overproduction to Prevent Glut
TAIWAN - Local hog farmers should not raise more animals than they are legally allowed to, since overproduction will lead to a slump in the price of pork, Agriculture Minister Hu Hsing-hua said....
03 May 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Promotion Aimed at Driving Down Pork Prices
TAIWAN - The Council of Agriculture (COA) has launched a pork promotion campaign, with discounts of 20 percent being offered on frozen products to help drive down the retail price of pork....
02 May 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Government to Ensure Agricultural Food Safety
TAIWAN - To promote and restore public confidence in Taiwanese agricultural products, Premier Sean Chen said at a press conference on 29 March that the Cabinet would ensure food safety in the country using...
03 April 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Pig Farmers Expect Mass Bankruptcy by October
TAIWAN - Despite assurances of support from the government, the country's pig farmers, worrying that pork prices might remain low until mid-2013, on Sunday expressed their belief that about half of them...
28 March 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Taiwanese Pig Farmers Anxious About Bankruptcy
TAIWAN - Hog industry representatives yesterday voiced their worries about how 50 per cent of hog farmers are likely to face bankruptcy by October as a result of the country's falling pork prices. ...
20 March 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Large Scale Meat Safety Tests Underway
TAIWAN - The Department of Health (DOH) and local health authorities will conduct its largest scale tests to date from March 20-22 to check for the leanness enhancing drug ractopamine in 1,000 products,...
14 March 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Safety Fears Tighten Pork Control Measures
TAIWAN - Premier Sean Chen said earlier this week that the government has imposed tighter control measures on pork products to ensure food safety, after a lawmaker said some locally produced products were...
12 March 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Building an Industry with New Standards
TAIWAN - Taiwan's Council of Agriculture is under pressure from feed millers and poultry producers to establish national mycotoxin standards for grains and feedstuffs....
29 February 2012
Pig Industry News from Taiwan First Shipment of Hypor Breeders to Taiwan
TAIWAN - Hypor, the pig breeding division of Hendrix Genetics, announced that their first delivery of Hypor breeders arrived to Taiwan on 30 December. All 111 pigs arrived at Taipei Airport Taiwan in good...
26 October 2011
Pig Industry News from Taiwan Sub-Clinical FMD Reported in Taipei
TAIWAN - Sub-clinical foot and mouth disease (FMD) infection has been found in pigs on one farm during routine surveillance....
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