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Savaging of Piglets (Cannibalism)

This is a condition mainly in first litter gilts that may account for up to 3% increase in piglet mortality.


  • Offending gilts can often be identified by their nervous apprehension at the onset of farrowing.
  • They have a "wild eyed" look.
Piglets, Weaners, Growers


    Causes / Contributing factors

  • It is thought to be related, in part at least, to the major hormone changes that take place around parturition.
The following factors seem to predispose to it:
  • A harsh or alien environment.
  • Poor empathy between the gilts and the stockperson.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • The effect of being placed in individual confinement for the first time.
  • It may also be related to temperament.
  • It seems to be more prevalent in some breeds than others.
  • Alarming outbreaks have been experienced in new gilt herds where 100 - 150 pregnant animals have been reared together in straw yards. In such large groups no pecking order develops.


Severe trauma to the skin and limbs. Clinical picture. History.

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