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Shoulder Sores

They arise due to repeated bruising and pressure over the bony prominences on the shoulder blade in breeding females. Ultimately the skin breaks, there is an erosion and a large sore develops. Such sows should not be kept for future breeding


Piglets, Weaners & Growers
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  • Highest point of the spine a reddening of the skin appears, which gradually forms into an ulcer.
  • In severe cases the lesion may extend to 40 - 70mm in diameter with the development of extensive granulation tissue.
  • Often both sides of the shoulder are affected.

Causes / Contributing factors

  • They are associated with totally slatted flooring and individual sows that are too thin and have a prominent spine to the shoulder blade.
  • First noticed in the farrowing crates where the floors are slippery.
  • The sow has difficulty in rising, thus constantly bruising her shoulder.


This is based on the clinical signs and ulcerating shoulders.

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