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This is a condition where the newborn piglet is unable to hold the front and/or (more commonly) back legs together and up to 2 % of piglets can be affected. The mobility of the piglet is impaired which makes teat access difficult.


  • The piglets are unable to stand with the hind legs deflected laterally.
  • As a result they often adopt a dog sitting position.
  • Death usually ensues either due to starvation or crushing because the pig cannot move away from the sow.
  • Poor / low viable piglets.
Sows, Weaners, Growers
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Causes / Contributing factors

  • It is more common in the Landrace breed and in males.
  • Disease is caused by immaturity of the muscle fibres in the hind legs, over the pelvis and occasionally in the front legs.
  • The condition is exaggerated when piglets stand on very smooth or wet slippery floors.


This is based upon the clinical signs.

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