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Swine Pox

This is a disease caused by the swine pox virus which can survive outside the pig for long periods of time and is resistant to environmental changes. It is a vesicular disease.


All Pigs
  • Small circular red areas 10-20mm in diameter that commence with a vesicle containing straw-coloured fluid in the centre.
  • After two to three days the vesicle ruptures and a scab is formed which gradually turns black.
  • The lesions may be seen on any part of the body but are common along the flanks, abdomens and occasionally the ears.
  • A secondary dermatitis may occur.
  • Unusual in piglets.

Causes / Contributing factors

  • It can be spread by lice or mange mites.
  • Skin abrasions.
  • Fighting and mixing of pigs.


It can be confused with localised greasy pig disease, pustular dermatitis and the allergic form of mange. Close examination shows swine pox lesions.

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