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Biotin Deficiency

Biotin is present in most nutrient sources and deficiency is unlikely. The role of biotin in nutrition and the changes that result when it is deficient are not clear. Reports and field studies however have highlighted the following associations:


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Sows, Weaners & Growers

  • Lameness throughout the herd or a group of sows.
  • Laminitis.
  • Hooves will be soft over the walls.
  • Haemorrhage over the solar surfaces of the feet.
  • Dark transverse cracks in hooves.
  • Excessive hair loss.
  • Extended weaning to mating intervals - Anoestrus (sows only).
  • Poor litter size.

Causes / Contributing factors

  • Biotin deficiency in the diet.
  • Possible cause trauma from poor floor surfaces.


Based on the clinical picture and the fact that the herd or a group of animals will be affected. Chronic lesions of swine vesicular disease could be confused with biotin deficiency.

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