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Jaw and Snout Deviation

This is a common yet little recognised condition in the sow. When the jaw is at rest, a proportion of sows (often around 5%) and particularly those housed in confinement, show a misalignment of the lower jaw to the left or right of centre. In extreme cases this can give the appearance of rhinitis but it is of no significance.


  • N/A
  • Misalignment of the lower jaw when at rest.
  • The upper jaw and nose become shortened and flattened, in some cases to a grotesque degree.
Weaners & ocassionally in Growers
  • Occasionally, as in sows.

Causes / Contributing factors

  • Constant trauma from bar biting or the use of nipple drinkers.
  • Infection of the bone as a result of faulty teeth clipping.
  • Prolonged feeding of very finely ground meal in narrow troughs.


This is based on the clinical symptoms and absence of rhinitis.

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