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Meningitis is uncommon in the sow but it is sometimes secondary to middle ear infection. If an infectious disease enters a herd for the first time sporadic cases in sows may be seen. Meningitis is seen in the sucking pigs and weaners associated with streptococcal infections. See Streptococcal meningitis.


Piglets, Weaners & Growers
  • Shivering.
  • Pigs show pain / discomfort.
  • Hair raised.
  • Grinding teeth
  • Lateral movement of eyes (nystagmus).
  • Fits and convulsions.
  • On side paddling.
Sows (unusual)
  • The sow is off feed.
  • Trembling with an unsteady gate.
  • The temperature is elevated, often as high as 42?C (108?F).
As the meningitis develops:
  • The eye moves sideways.
  • Fits occur and the sow cannot stand.
  • The head may be on one side.

Causes / Contributing factors

  • Middle ear infection.
  • Specific bacteria e.g. streptococci, Haemophilus parasuis.
  • Aujeszky's disease.
  • Poisons.
  • Poor environments in nurseries.


This is based upon the signs in an individual sow, or if there are a number of cases, a specific infectious disease. It may require a post-mortem examination, including histology of the brain and culture of the causal organism to confirm the diagnosis.

Meningitis must be differentiated from the following:-

- Acute kidney infection.
- Aujeszky's disease (AD) (PR).
- Brain abscess.
- Heat stroke.
- Middle ear infection.
- Poisons.
- Water deprivation (salt poisoning).

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