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This bone condition is due to inadequate levels of calcium phosphorus and or vitamin D or sows may not be able to absorb sufficient amounts. The density of the bones becomes less and they are prone to fractures particularly mid shaft.

The ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the diet should be 1.0 to 1.6 :1. A calcium and phosphorus ration of less that 1:1 will result in a calcium deficiency.


  • Seen in the first litter gilt.
  • Dog sitting position.
  • Stiffness
  • Sudden acute lameness during lactation or immediately post weaning.
  • Fractures.
  • Pigs show pain / discomfort.
  • N/A
Weaners & Growers
  • Stiffness.
  • Lameness.
  • High incidence of fractures of he main bones at slaughter.

Causes / Contributing factors

  • Inadequate diet.
  • Heavy milk production.
  • Low feed intake in lactation.
  • Breed of animal.
  • Shortage of vitamin D3.
  • Low calcium in the diet.


This is by the clinical signs. Similar diseases include:

  • Leg weakness or osteochondrosis.
  • Spinal fractures.
  • Torn muscles at their insertions into the bones.
  • Mycoplasma hyosynoviae infection

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