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Prolapse of the Bladder

This is an uncommon condition and usually only occurs in the sow. The bladder turns inside out and protrudes from the lips of the vulva.

It is usually seen after mating. Such animals should be culled immediately if it can not be replaced.


Piglets, Weaners & Growers
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  • The inside of the bladder appears as a large red mass about the size of an orange.
  • It can be confused with an early prolapse of the uterus but examination will show that is like a small balloon.

Causes / Contributing factors

  • It arises when there is a large urethral opening at the floor of the vagina and complete loss of muscle tone in the sphincter.
  • Possibly cystitis
  • The presence of calculi and continual straining
  • Unknown factors


Veterinary advice is suggested if in doubt. It can be confused with vaginal prolapse and vaginal polyps.

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