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Live free-dried vaccine, Thiversal strain for the active immunization of pigs against Classical Swine Fever (Hog Cholera).
COGLAPEST® is the unique attenuated live vaccine containing the Thiverval strain. The protection is at the same time fast, strong and long lasting. The potency of the vaccine (1000 PD 50) is ten times higher than the minimum potency required by the OIE. It explains why COGLAPEST® helps to install a good homogeneity of protection and to prevent better the presence of immune-tolerant piglets. These strong qualities explain why professional farmers prefer this vaccine to protect their farms in many Asian countries. A coloured indicator allows monitoring the diluent quality for an optimized vaccine efficiency.
The vaccine is prepared from the Thiverval strain, a cold mutant of the Hog Cholera virus obtained after serial passage through cytocultures at low temperature.

This strain is noted for two characteristics:
  • It is a “cold” strain in so far as its optimal development takes place at 33° C
  • It is a “labile” strain because its infective activity is destroyed at 56° C under otherwise normal environmental conditions
  • Immunity in the vaccinated animal develops rapidly (in 10 to 12 days)
  • The degree of immunity conferred is extremely high; the highest level is reached very rapidly (between the 30th and 35th days) and remains at a high level for at least 48 months
  • The immunity is obtained with only one injection
  • COGLAPEST provides total immunisation against all types of Hog Cholera viruses
  • No symptoms of disease are seen after vaccination
  • There are not teratogenic effects
  • There is no effect on the fertility of sows.
  • Piglets vaccinated or born from vaccinated sows grow at normal rates
After repeated passages through pigs or on cell cultures at 37° C, this strain fully retains its immunising activity and safety.

Live freeze-dried vaccine

The vaccine confers active immunization of pigs against Classical Swine Fever (Hog Cholera).


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Classical Swine Fever (CSF) - Hog Cholera (HC)
Classical swine fever (CSF), otherwise known as hog cholera (HC) or just swine fever, is a specific viral disease of pigs. It affects no other species. It is a notifiable disease in most countries of the world.

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