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"Taste the Quality"

Key Features
  • Exceptional Meat Quality.
  • Optimum Intramuscular Fat and Colour.
  • Halothane Negative.
  • Napole Negative.
  • High Health Status.
  • Selected for Growth and Carcass Yield.
Goals of the Hermitage BERKI™ project are to:

• Develop a market leading high eating quality terminal sireline.
• To retain the genes from the foundation breeds for traits such as intramuscular fat, colour, taste, juiciness and tenderness.
• Improve the post weaning performance of the foundation breeds through intensive selection for growth and carcass yield.


Important Notes and Links

• Semen available from Top Performing Hermitage Terminal Line boars to support your farm specific breeding programmes.

• Fresh and Frozen semen supplied from Hermitage High Health, ISO9001 Approved AI centres.

For more information please Click here to download the Hermitage Genetics Brochure

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