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PIC 327 Hampshire

The 327 is an AI boar focused on maximum lean production at least cost. This PIC sire has more than 20 years’ reputation in the US market and is being introduced to the UK to exploit its strengths of:

  • Excellent growth rate and feed efficiency
  • Low backfat levels and high lean content
  • High heterosis
  • High feed intakes

Emphasis is on reducing production costs and capturing value through high lean content in the progeny.

Genetic Standards

PIC strives to deliver a continually improving line of sireline products to meet the needs of the developing UK market. PIC’s product development programme incorporates a global genetic base, utilising traditional selection and molecular biology to deliver exceptional genetic improvement for the producer.

PIC’s Global Genetic Program is linked through exchange of frozen AI to ensure that the best sires, most suited to UK market economics, are available to produce the next generation of terminal sires as rapidly as possible.

PIC’s sirelines are selected from a programme with selection for lifetime daily gain, feed intake, feed efficiency, low backfat and high loin muscle depth. Pigs are taken to an average of 125kgs off-test ensuring boars are tested to at least market weight. This, when combined with progeny and relatives’ performance data, gives increased accuracy to breeding values and high confidence in excellent results being realised commercially.

Additional findings from PIC UK commercial trials

  • High uniformity
  • Maximum heterosis delivering superb robustness of finishing stock
  • With high lean tissue growth rates to heavy weight, the nutritional recommendations will be different compared to Large White progeny. Speak to your nutritionist.

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