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Camborough 23

The Camborough 23 has all the qualities a producer needs:

  • Consistently high prolificacy
  • Exceptional mothering ability
  • Docile temperament
  • Excellent appetite
  • Versatility
  • Long working life

Consistent with PIC’s worldwide reputation for continually improving genetic value, the Camborough 23 has the genetic potential to increase the number of pigs and kilos of quality pigmeat per sow per year.

Emphasis is on optimising lifetime performance by maximising kilos of lean meat produced per sow lifetime and capturing value for the highest lean content in the progeny of PIC boars.

Selected for Reproductive Traits

Using sophisticated BLUP computer programmes and PICmarq™ tests for the ESR, together with other reproductive performance genes, the grandparent stock from which the Camborough 23 originates is selected to continually improve litter size at birth and total litter weaning weight, in addition to lean growth rate, feed efficiency, feet and leg soundness, and teat number. Consequently, Camborough 23 replacement gilts will always carry the latest improvements in prolificacy, carcass quality and feed conversion, giving PIC UK customers greater profit potential..

ealising the Genetic Potential of the Camborough 23

  • Ensure good gilt preparation
    • Feed a gilt rearing ration from 70kgs
  • Hit these minimum standards by point of first service -
    • 220 days of age
    • 130-140 kilos
    • 16mm backfat
    • Body condition score of 3.5 (scale 1-5)
  • Provide the right nutrition to ensure large litters achieve high weaning weights with the optimal rebreeding interval – speak to your nutritionist.

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