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Delivering healthy genetic improvement to pig industries around the world.

PIC is the international leader in providing genetically superior pig breeding stock and technical support for maximizing genetic potential to the global pork chain. PIC combines quantitative sciences with leading edge biotechnology to develop non-GMO breeding stock that is focused on meeting the needs of its customers. This approach provides healthier animals that cost less to produce and provide higher quality products to consumers. Operating for over 40 years, PIC's success is attributed to its thorough concentration and significant investment in aspects of genetics, technology and health.

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At PIC, genetic improvement of pigs is accelerating faster than ever before....
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This section provides recommendations and best practices for gilt management. It will help producers...
Gilt and Sow Management Guidelines 2017: Section 1 General Farm Review
This section provides checklists on key performance indicators related to general sow farm processes...
Achieving high-quality pork: Superior genetics & proper animal-carcass handling
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Giantstar and PIC China enter into a long term partnership
Giantstar and PIC have recently signed a multi-year agreement to support the development of a new 50,000...
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