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Dr. Chris Richards on Use of Swine Diagnostics in Australia

Dr. George Charbonneau on Diagnostics' Role in Canadian PEDv

Dr. Luis Gimenez-Lirola Speaks about Oral Fluid Swine Diagnostics

Advantages of Risk-Based Surveillance Testing for Meat Producers

Dr. Daniel Linhares on Diagnostics, Swine Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

Jeff Zimmerman, DVM Iowa State University - Swine Oral Fluids Testing is Efficient Diagnostic Tool

Rodger Main, DVM Director of Iowa State University - Using Real-time Swine Biosurveillance, Diagnostics to Make Herd Health Decisions

Lisa Becton, DVM National Pork Board - Diagnostics Play Important Role Amid Rising Antibiotic Attention

Mr. Decker of the veterinary services Gütersloh (Germany) has found PrioCHECK™ Trichinella AAD offers many advantages over the traditional pepsin digestion method. Learn more

Matt Cochran, DVM Texas A&M University - Diagnostics Play Critical Role in New Norm of Emerging Diseases

Michael Murtaugh, professor and scientist at the University of Minnesota - Emerging Strains of PRRS Can Be Virulent

Bill Hollis, DVM with Carthage Veterinary Service - What Role do Diagnostics Play in the Swine Industry?

Dr. Derald Holtkamp, Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State - PRRS – Economics and Role Diagnostics Play in Controlling the Virus

Dave Pyburn - Dr. Dave Pyburn, Vice President Science and Technology of the National Pork Board USA , talks about the need for proper diagnostics for optimal swine health management.

Mabel Ribicich - Dr. Mabel Ribicich, Veterinary faculty of the University of Buenos Aires, talks about the application of risk-based surveillance using the PrioCHECK Trichinella Ab in holdings with negligible risk in Trichinella endemic regions.

Ray Gamble - Dr. Ray Gamble, National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C., talks about the importance of diagnostic testing in Trichinella control and the use of serology testing.

Alvin Gajadhar - Dr. Alvin Gajadhar, president of the International Commission on Trichinellosis, talks about the importance and development of Trichinella diagnostics.

Patrik Buholzer - Patrik Buholzer, product manager of Thermo Fisher Scientific, highlights the advantages of the PrioCHECK Trichinella AAD.

Dr. Lis Alban - Chief Scientist of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council talks about the advantages of Trichinella testing in a risk-based surveillance system.

Dr. Patrick Webb - What Should a Swine Producer Do if He Suspects a Foreign Animal Disease

Dr. Lisa Becton - Diagnostics as Part of Total Swine Health Program

Dr. Paul Thomas - Role of Diagnostics in Swine Health Program

Dr. Lisa Becton – What’s the Role of Diagnostics with SIV?

Dr. Patrick Webb - Diagnostics Role in Detecting Foreign Animal Disease

Dr. Howard Hill - Diagnostics Role in the Pork Industry

Dr. Lisa Becton Talks about Diagnostics Role in PRRS

Diagnostics bring value to producers throughout the world

Dr. Paul Thomas - Diagnostics Role in PEDv Outbreak

Stunning 3D chalk art captures changing perceptions of diagnostics

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