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Reasons for Keeping Sows Beyond 6 Litters

(234) Using modern computer programmes it should be easy to assess farrowing rate, litter size and pigs reared by pregnancy for each sow and the herd as a whole. This assists significantly in the decision to retain a sow for further breeding including:
  • To maintain the mating programme. Losses here cannot be recovered.
  • No gilts may be available that week for mating.
  • Records show that in this herd performance in parities 6, 7 or 8 is acceptable.
  • Records show that the numbers born in older sows compare favourably with the mean of gilts and second litter females.
  • Individual sow records show which sows have a good breeding and rearing history.
  • Records show farrowing rates in 7th parity sows are above 86%.

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