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Step 7 - Devise and Apply Your Control Measures

(757) Record keeping requirements can arise in relation to a wide range of health and safety issues. In many cases specific risk assessments must by law be documented but a number of other records should also be kept. They are an additional control measure in that they serve as reminder that things need to be done, they facilitate auditing and reviews and demonstrate your due diligence.

You therefore need to decide what records are applicable to your situation. Some examples of the types of records that may be needed are given below. This list is by no means complete and you should compile your own up to date version.

  1. Organisation / administration - appointment of competent persons; policy changes.
  2. Training - official health and safety qualifications; in-house training (re: SSW's, risk assessment procedures); assessment of competence for tasks; specific health and safety instruction courses e.g. pesticides, tractors, forklift trucks, etc.
  3. Employment and occupational health records - pre-employment and on-going health surveillance; permits to work e.g. confined spaces.
  4. Monitoring survey results - dust, noise, slurry gases.
  5. Personal protective equipment (PPE) -PPE issue notes; examination records; test certificates.
  6. Fire and emergency - alarm tests; fire drills; fire extinguisher / sprinkler system checks; staff training.
  7. Work equipment - machinery and equipment inventories; routine safety checks; certification; guard checks
  8. Buildings and services - inspection of electrical installation; water treatments; construction and design safety plans; assembly / removal by competent persons e.g. asbestos work; contractors declarations.
  9. Risk assessments -hazardous substances, noise, manual handling; management of health and safety.
  10. Accidents and incidents -accidents and incident reports (official and in-house); first aid treatments; follow up actions.

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