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Czech Farm Profits Plummet

06 March 2013

CZECH REPUBLIC – Statistics from an Agricultural Association survey show that after record profitability in 2011 of 13.5 billion krone (CZK), farm profits for 2012 dropped by a quarter.

The Association has said poor crop yields were the main cause for the profit decrease following the 2.5 fold profit increase seen in 2011.

But association chairman, Martin Pride, said that regional variations were apparent across the country with the worst affected farmers being the drought affected south where average income per hectare was less than CZK1,000.

Highest profits were seen in central regions, he added.

The survey used data from 356 farms covering 600,000 hectares of Czech farmland.

The association has stated that European subsidies contribute greatly to making farms profitable and Czech producers are some of the most dependent in Europe.

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