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Environmental Sustainability Through Manitoba GF-2 Programme

26 April 2013
Manitoba Pork Council

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CANADA - The first programmes unveiled for Manitoba under the new five year federal provincial Growing Forward 2 framework will focus and helping farmers protect water quality and improve the environmental sustainability of their operations, writes Bruce Cochrane.


Earlier this week federal agriculture minister Gerry Ritz and Manitoba agriculture minister Ron Kostyshyn officially launched Growing Forward 2 agricultural programmes in Manitoba.

The new five-year agreement includes a C$176 million Canada-Manitoba investment for strategic initiatives, a 50 per cent increase in cost-shared funding and one billion dollars for federal-only strategic initiatives.

Manitoba agriculture minister Ron Kostyshyn says Manitoba Growing Forward 2 programmes will focus on strengthening competiveness and market development, innovation, adaptability and industry capacity.

Ron Kostyshyn -Agriculture Minister Manitoba :

Today we unveil the first initiatives under growing assurance programmes.

It is focused on helping farmers improve the environmental sustainability on their operations and is targeted to improve water quality.

Eligible Manitoba producers can receive financial assistance to implement beneficial management practices or BMPs to address manure management strategics identified through environmental farm planning processes.

These targeted BMPS will help Manitoba producers make necessary changes to upgrade existing manure storage structures and maintain water quality by reducing the phosphorus levels in soils.

In months ahead growing assurances will expand in offering to include other areas such as food safety for farmers and processors, modern industry led insurance systems positions the industry to be very competitive in the global market place.

Mr Kostyshyn suggests we need to ensure the young farmers of Manitoba get support to develop critical farm management skills and innovative farm systems and Growing Forward 2 will assist in complimenting those goals.

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