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Commission to Lift All CSF Restrictions for Hungary

09 May 2013

HUNGARY - Yesterday (8 May), at the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health, EU Member State experts unanimously supported a Commission proposal to remove the remaining health restrictions for classical swine fever (CSF) in wild boar in Hungary (county of Pest).

Over the last six years, an EU co-financed eradication programme was implemented in Hungary amounting to a total of over €1.5 million in EU financial support. Hungary reported the results of the surveillance carried out in 2012 and early 2013, which showed that the disease has been eradicated.

CSF is a highly infectious viral disease of swine which can spread through the trade in live pigs, fresh pig meat and certain pig meat-based products. When the disease occurs, a broad set of eradication measures and trade restrictions must be applied in conformity with EU rules to ensure that the disease is rapidly eradicated and to avoid its further spread.

The disease has now been successfully eradicated from central Europe, one of the historical foci of the infection. Last year, with the lifting of the remaining restrictions in Germany, the disease was considered as being successfully eradicated in Western Europe.

Restrictions due to CSF are now only in place in Bulgaria, Romania and Latvia. The improved situation over the last decade has been a key factor for the major increase in recent years of pork and pork products exports from many EU Member States to all over the world.

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