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French Version of Smart Pig Handling Videos Now Available

28 May 2014
Manitoba Pork Council

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CANADA - Manitoba Pork reports the French version of a new series of videos, designed to help teach swine barn workers the principles of low stress pig handling techniques, is now available.

In October, Manitoba Pork Council unveiled a new series of "Smart Pig Handling" videos.

The entire series, which runs about an hour and a half, is broken into six videos, the first two of which cover the principles of pig behaviour and pig handling while the remaining four focus on the different farm types.

Mark Fynn, an animal care specialist with Manitoba Pork says the videos are being distributed through the provincial pork organizations across Canada from B.C. to the Maritimes, including a recently released French version that is being distributed through the provincial pork organization in Quebec.

Mark Fynn-Manitoba Pork

These techniques really focus on low stress and that's both for the pigs and the handlers.

For the pigs it means they get moved around or they get handled in a way that creates very low stress for them, they get more comfortable with the handlers so that's a big benefit there and those benefits also play to the handlers.

It makes the pigs easier to handle the next time, you probably see better production results because of the lower stress that the pigs face when the handlers are around them.

It also makes for a safer work environment, a safer activity in moving the pigs. I think there's quite a number of benefits as well in that.

The other thing is when you're handling them right, especially when you're sending them to market you have better meat quality and a lower stress animal is a better tasting meat product in the end.

Mr Fynn says over 800 copies of the video series have been distributed across Canada including about 400 in Manitoba, several organizations are distributing the videos in a digital format and some of the major companies have really jumped on board.

He says operators appreciate the standardized consistent training these videos offer for new employees.

To obtain copies of the videos contact your provincial pork organization or Manitoba Pork.

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