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Belgium Seeks Solutions to Pork Market Challenges

02 January 2015

BELGIUM - On 16 January 2015, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is holding a seminar at Agriflanders on risk management in the pork chain and the search for new market models.

Experts will explain the complexities of the current situation at the event in Ghent. Farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector can register to attend the symposium until 12 January.

Volatile commodity prices and markets resulted in the recent past have brought widely variable and unpredictable margins for farmers. This, combined with a greater need for capital to meet social and environmental measures, means that livestock farming has become riskier.

Futures can help the manager to mitigate the risks and better control their businesses.

There has been a shift in approach as the European Union has renounced any intervention on the market, forcing all parties to reflect on the current market model.

The message to farmers is that they need to strengthen their negotiating position by investing in knowledge and care that you have more choice in marketing their products.

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