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EU Pig Prices: Trend Remains Friendly

11 February 2015
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EU - Over the past week, the friendly trend has continued on the EU pig slaughter market.

The German notation presented again, but with + 2 cents less clear than the previous week. The main reason for the price increase in Germany is the current lower offer on the live market.

Slaughter is below the threshold of one million and the official carcass weights decreased by approximately 1 kg.

A similar trend can be seen in neighboring countries. In the Netherlands and Denmark, the price rose accordingly by 3 cents and in Belgium by one cent. Austria's listing rose 5 cents.

Southern Europe is also upbeat, but here the slaughter companies showed less strong buying interest.

In France, the pricing is unchanged and in Spain, its price increased a corrected 2 cents per kg slaughter weight.

Trend for the German market:

Meat buyers are in anticipation of further increases in prices. From today's perspective, a further moderate price increase is not unlikely.

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