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Consumer Resource Guide on Meat and Poultry Updated

13 March 2015

US - The North American Meat Institute Foundation (NAMIF) has released an updated version of its popular Yellow Pages, a meat and poultry resource guide that provides important consumer information and answers to commonly asked questions about the meat supply, preparation and cooking and nutrition.

The latest edition discusses the process by which livestock and poultry are raised, and describes aspects of the inspection system that ensure the safety and wholesomeness of the meat and poultry supply.

The guide also provides details about meat consumption and highlights a glossary of common meat terms to help consumers choose among the variety of products available at retail.

In addition, the guide includes an extensive section devoted to meat’s nutrition, underscoring the numerous vitamins and minerals meat offers, and reviews the calorie counts and preparation methods of various cuts of meat.

Cooking and storage techniques, such as suggested oven and internal temperatures, and safe food handling practices are explained in-depth.

“Yellow Pages is the most comprehensive guide to the basics on meat selection, purchasing, storage, cooking, nutrition and safety,” said NAMI President and CEO Barry Carpenter.

“This valuable resource is a must-have for any consumer, student and industry professional searching for a complete collection of essential meat information in a single publication.”

Yellow Pages was first published in 1994, and have been updated regularly to reflect the most current data and practices. The guide is compiled by NAMIF staff using information collected from industry experts and government resources.

To order a copy of Yellow Pages, visit the NAMI online store.

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