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New Humane Society to Protect Animals in Saskatchewan

01 April 2015
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CANADA - A new humane society has been established in Saskatchewan to take over enforcement of the province's Animal Protection Act, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Earlier this year the Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced plans to narrow its focus to programs and services related to education and the prevention of animal cruelty and after March 31, would no longer be responsible for enforcement of Saskatchewan's Animal Protection Act.

Effective April 1 the newly created Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan will assume that responsibility.

Saskatchewan agriculture minister Lyle Stewart anticipates a seamless transition.

Lyle Stewart- Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister:

There's a board of directors that represents most of the categories of animals that the Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan will be safeguarding and there may be more additions to the board as time goes on.

Miss Kaley Pugh is the executive director the way it's set up.

She has extensive experience in the field with SSPCA and management experience with them and she's extended an invitation to all of the employees that worked in the field with SSPCA to join the organization as well.

I think people that have contact with Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan will notice little if any difference from any experiences they may have had with SSPCA.

It's modeled very much along the same lines.

We were always very satisfied with the work of SSPCA and we expect a very similar experience with Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan particularly in light of Kaley Pugh's extensive experience with SSPCA.

Mr Stewart says the province is committed to animal protection and is pleased that the well being of animals will continue to be safeguarded across Saskatchewan.

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