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Chile Approves US Chilled Pork Imports

14 April 2015
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

US - The Government of Chile's Ministry of Health (MOH) has approved US fresh pork access to Chile.

This comes after numerous USG high level bilateral interventions and collaborative efforts with the National Pork Producers Council, which led to the MOH accepting USDA’s certification statement to address Trichinella risk:  

“The meat was derived from carcasses that tested negative for trichinosis or was subject to a freezing process or other process according to 9 CFR 318.10 that guarantees the destruction of the parasite (Trichinella spiralis) or derives from swine and swine enterprises that comply with pork quality assurance programs (PQAPlus) that address product wholesomeness and biosecurity, are subject to surveillance conducted in the United States, and have a minimal risk for infection from Trichinella spp..”

Chile produces nearly 350,000 MT (approximately $805 million) of fresh pork each year, all of which is produced domestically.

The change in the government's policy on US fresh pork imports opens a gateway to a huge market for US pork producers/exporters to tap into.

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