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EU Pig Prices: Prices on the Rise

15 June 2015
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EU - As Europe moves into summer, the friendly atmosphere prevailing on the European pig slaughter market is escalating.

Finally, the friendly mood becomes the positive trend reversal waited for.

After the majority of quotations remained unchanged last week, the pig slaughter prices are going up considerably in almost all countries.

The Danish quotation alone is getting nowhere, thus slipping down to rank 4, right behind Germany within the five major pig-keeping EU member countries’ price structure. The only reason for the British quotation’s weakness must be seen in currency fluctuations.

The price increases range from a corrected 1.3 cents noted in Belgium to a maximum 5.1 cents in Austria.

With its price increase on Wednesday, Germany sent the decisive signal. As a result of backlog supply, Austria’s quotation presented itself in a more restrained way than the German quotation has over the past weeks.

Now, the friendly atmosphere is getting there from the neighbouring countries and the market is cleared.

In southern Europe, the annual period of extreme heat is now starting through which the prices will gradually be rising for seasonal reasons in Spain and other countries.

Trend for the German market:

The situation continues to be optimistic on the pig slaughter market at the beginning of this week.

The quantities on offer are scarce still. Demand remains high after good weather at the weekend which encouraged barbecues. From today’s point of view, the prices are expected to go on rising.

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