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EU Pig Prices: Markets Continue to Be Balanced - Quotations Unmoved

10 February 2016
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EU - The European pig slaughter market presents itself in a still well-balanced way.

Contrary to what happened last week, many quotations are widely appearing unmoved or are showing just slight changes, supporting the price level achieved.

The prices are going down slightly in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium and Great Britain. In Spain, the price barometer is pointing slightly upward.

In many countries apart from southern Europe, the quantities of live animals on offer do not seem plentiful, with supply and demand being at equilibrium.

On the meat markets, however, the atmosphere is cautious, which the slaughter companies unanimously complaining about.

In Austria, for instance, hope raises for pre-Easter acceleration in demand on the part of sausage and ham factories. Prices are awaited to remain steady this way.

With supply still outweighing demand in Spain, the quotations over there were able to stabilise at a slight surcharge. The British currently feel a little discomforted by competitive pork imports from the Continent which cause the prices to go down.

Trend for the German market:

The situation continues to be unchanged on the pig slaughter market. The quantities on offer still can be sold without problems arising. No change of the market situation is in sight. So, from today’s point of view, the prices are expected to go on developing in an unchanged way.

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