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EU Pig Prices: Price Rally in Europe – Quotations Are Going Up

03 June 2016
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EU - On the European pig slaughter market the prices are going further up. After some countries took a breather last week, the prices are speeding up now. The price increases are reaching up to a corrected 7 cents at maximum in Belgium.

Throughout Europe, pigs are very much sought for with supply of pigs for slaughter being little extensive across the borders and still going further back.

Demand for European pork is insatiable in China at the time being. Germany’s plus 6 cents raised the bar quite high for all other countries. But the majority of countries followed suit noting a wide jump in prices. The Danes reported a slight plus by 1 cent.

One of the French market participants stated that the domestic demand for meat is being slack. On the one hand, the weather was not that fine. On the other hand, the scarce fuel supply resulting from the strikes currently going on make the customers have less money available to spend on food.

But because of the good demand from China, the deep-freeze warehouses have been emptied. As a consequence, the buying interest on the part of slaughter companies has become very vivid.

The French quotation would still follow a price increase continuing in Germany. This, as is assumed, would be done in order not to miss the boat.

The supply situation is also very tense in Spain. The slaughter weights are still going down considerably, although the great summer heat has not yet started. Pigs for slaughter were also very much demanded in Austria. So the scarce supply was sold very quickly most recently.

Trend for the German market: 

Pigs for slaughter are quite scarce. This is what impression you get when it is about the marketers’ intensive efforts to buy pigs. Demand does not come to a dead stop. With the European soccer championship, marksmen’s fairs and public festivals to come, the prospects continue to be basically positive.

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