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Protocols for Moving Non-Shedding Pigs from Formerly PED Positive Sites Under Assessment

15 August 2017
Manitoba Pork Council

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CANADA - Animal Health Officials in Manitoba are re-evaluating the movement of pigs no longer through to be shedding PED virus originating from previously infected sites, writes Bruce Cochrane.

After almost three weeks with no new cases two swine premises in Manitoba have become infected with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea this past week, both after accepting pigs thought to be not-shedding virus originating from previously infected sites.

Dr Glen Duizer, with the Office of Manitoba's Chief Veterinary Officer, told an Alberta Pork PED Telephone Town Hall last week, the criteria for movement had been 35 days post clinical signs with two consecutive negative tests but that approach will probably need be tweaked.

Dr Glen Duizer-Manitoba Agriculture

That is not declaring the site negative.

That is simply declaring the site capable of producing non-shedding pigs.

What it means is that the site has got an elimination strategy fully implemented and is producing pigs that are either fully recovered from PED and if it's a sow operation piglets that have come from immune sows.

Also that status stresses that there needs to be detailed internal biocontainment so that any remaining areas of the barn that may have PED in it are being contained from the pigs that need to be moved and that there's ongoing monitoring in place.

The reason, just to reinforce, we simply need the space in order to handle some of these pigs.

When we have to move pigs to a previously negative premises, we are one trying to make sure they are non-shedding by an agreed upon criteria and two we're conducting monitoring after it happens to ensure that, if they do break, that we catch them right away.

And these sites, we're very much trying to keep the sites within existing buffer areas.

Discussion is ongoing about the amount of time that should be required to consider pigs from an infected premises to be non-shedding.

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