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Ceva 'Spotlight The Future' newsletter November 2018

06 November 2018

This month read about the value of antibicrobials in swine medicine and we launched Altresyn to the Chinese market.

The value of antimicrobials

Antimicrobial use in swine medicine is coming under much review worldwide, the responsible use of antimicrobials was strongly encouraged, with the evidence of targeted pathogens provided by independent laboratory. Amoxicillin is probably most widely used for the treatment and control of a number of infections in swine over many years, by injection, by in water medication and also in feed. Amoxicillin was established as the drug of first choice for certain indications in individual and group treatments.


How Ceva is helping to create more responsible antibiotic use in the field

Nicolas Guerra, Swine Corporate Marketing Manager for Ceva Animal health, discusses the topic.


Ceva launches Altresyn at Leman, China

Around 3,000 Chinese veterinarians attended the Leman China congress in Zhengzhou, from 19 to 21 October 2018. They listened to lectures by experts from around the globe, about a variety of topics. Ceva showed its commitment to the Chinese pig industry (which has roughly 50% of all sows worldwide) by serving as a Platinum Sponsor for the event.



Amoxicillin-current use in swine medicine

Amoxicillin is an important antibiotic in porcine and human medicine.
It is highly effective against several severe, acute onset and common systemic infections (e.g., S. suis, H. parasuis, E. rhusiopathiae) and respiratory diseases (e.g., A. pleuropneumoniae, P. multocida), against which resistance has not become a major problem to date.
It is important that it remains available as a veterinary medicine but under responsible use considerations...

Source: J vet Pharmacol Therap. 2018;1–13.


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