Beijing Black

The Beijing Black is a breed native to China. They have a black body, with white markings. The Beijing Black Pig is a cross pig breed that was formed in 1962 by breeding a Berkshire pig with some common Chinese pig breeds; Dingxian, Zhouxian, and Shenxian. Two other pig breeds, Yorkshire and the Soviet White, were bred in as well, in order to ensure a robust breed with greater variety. The Beijing Black pig breed is a physically powerful, rough breed, which is excellent in terms of adaptability for farming.

The Beijing Black Pig breed is a meat breed, and it can be found all through China. They are farmed extensively for their meat, which is eaten across China and South East Asia, as the breed is strong enough to be intensively farmed, and grows quickly. Some Beijing Black pigs get to be fairly large. The Beijing Black has a distinctive, flexible muzzle, as their nostrils open onto a hard, protective disk. The inside of the Beijing Black Pig snout is rigidly attached to the head, allowing it to root vigorously for forage.

A Beijing Black Pig averages 6 to 10 baby piglets in a litter and will have two to three litters per year. The piglets farrow in roughly sixty days, at which time they weigh up to 18kg, and sows will breed at this rate for up to six years. This means that a sow can produce as many as 180 shoats during her breeding life. This, coupled with its tendency towards lean meat and a high feed efficiency, is what makes it such a popular breed among Chinese producers.