Mong Kai

Mong Cai is one of the major local breeds in northern part of Vietnam, particularly in provinces of North Mountain, the Red River delta and the northern part of Central Coastline. It has small to medium body size. The head is black with small and upright ears. Black patches are elsewhere on the body with a white band running from one side of the abdomen over the shoulder to other side of the abdomen, making a black saddle over the middle of its concave back.

High prolificacy, good adaptation to poor-quality feed, and disease resistance are its favoured characteristics. Mong Cai are able to grow very quickly on a diet of roughage and forage, and have been observed eating many of the pond-based plants which are present in its delta-habitat. Gilts reach puberty at 2-3 months of age. Average litter size at birth is of 12. Pig weighs 60 kg at 12 months of age, with backfat thickness of 53-59 mm.