Thuoc Nhieu

The Thuoc Nhieu originated from crossbreeding between the Bo Xu and Yorkshire from 1930-1957. It is white with piebald bristles and dominant in sweet-water zones of the Mekong River delta in the southern part of Vietnam. Thuoc Nhieu pigs have white skin, and may have some small black spots, usually around the eyes. Most are very physically robust, with low, slightly curved backs, rounded shoulders, and large hindquarters. Prolificacy is average, at 8-10 piglets born alive per litter. It’s well known for its good mothering ability. They can reach a weight of 100kg by 10 months of age.

These pigs are well-suited to harsher environments and foraging, and have excellent feed-conversion ratios. They also pass along very high disease resistance to their offspring, all making them very suitable for family farming.