Using in-feed medication

  • At the time of the disease outbreak, there may be no bin capacity available to hold the medicated feed and bagged food is sometimes required.
  • If strategic medication is used, hold one bin for medicated feed only.
  • If medicated feed is placed in a bin containing non medicated feed, the time of the feed reaching the pigs and the withdrawal will be unknown.
  • Bagged food is more expensive.
  • There can be a delay in manufacturing and delivering the medicated feed.
  • Sick pigs often do not eat or have reduced feed intake and therefore won't receive sufficient antibiotic.
  • If the appetite is poor the medicine inclusion rate may need to be increased by up to 30%, provided it is safe to do so.
  • In-feed medicines may require a product licence for use in food producing animals and therefore the availability of medicines is narrow.
  • Each particular medicine has its own withdrawal period and this may mean it is impracticable to use in pigs near the point of slaughter.
  • Automatic feed lines make the application of in-feed medication to selective groups difficult.
  • The bin containing the medicated feed should be marked with the date it entered and the date when empty. Withdrawal times can then be calculated.