Responsible use of medicines on the farm

calendar icon 9 November 2018
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  • Only use medicines under veterinary supervision.
  • Ensure dosages are correct. Communicate with staff.
  • Always complete the course of treatment.
  • Accurately record all treatments and identify animals.
  • If water or in feed medication is used clean out tanks and bins on completion.
  • Keep information about the medicines on file.
  • Report any adverse reactions.
  • Monitor usage weekly and review with your veterinarian monthly or as necessary.
  • Only combine medicines at the same time if approved.
  • Ensure everyone is aware of withdrawal periods.

Check list for medicines

  • Provide a locked room or cupboard for all your medicines.
  • Provide a refrigerator for vaccines and other medicines as required. Use a maximum minimum thermometer and record temperatures daily.
  • Allow only certain designated people to have direct access to the main medicine store.
  • Document all medicines in and out of the medicine store.
  • Insist on empty bottles being returned before a second bottle is taken out. This prevents black market trade.
  • Agree with your veterinarian the minimum amounts that are required for a given period of time and follow his advice on usage.
  • Make sure that all bottles are labelled for the correct use, that withdrawal periods are displayed and personnel are aware of them.
  • Keep a daily record of all medicines used on the farm.
  • Make sure you have safety data sheets to hand in case of accidents.
  • Ask your veterinarian to check your storage and usage of medicines regularly to ensure that the recommendations are being carried out
  • Check regularly that medicines are in date .
  • Make sure that all medicines, syringes and needles are kept well away from children and people not on the staff.
  • Dispose of empty bottles, needles and syringes safely.

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